Favorite Finds 2

Today I am off with a friend for a moms’ weekend away! It should be fun. This is my first overnight away from Leonora. I have only ever been away from her for 3-4 hours infrequently! I’m sure that I will miss her, but am ready for the recharge and some mental space!

This week felt like a week of Mondays and it took until Thursday, no joke, to get out of yoga/sweat pants and glasses. I attempt most days to dress normally in jeans, a real bra, and non-frumpy tops, but sometimes it is just too much. Leonora slept through the night… two nights this week (yay and groan). It is going on 2 months of multiple wake ups each night. I went to bed super early to attempt to overcome the sleep deficit and it helped, but I still have a long way to go!

OK… now time for the 2nd post in the Favorite Finds series! If you missed last week’s, it is posted here: Favorite Finds 1.

Millenials are Killing Costco: finally something I can agree with fellow millenials on – Amazon Prime is better than Costco! I personally hate going to Costco. Growing up in a large family, Costco trips were at least weekly year after year until I was a teen. I can’t eat their samples or cheap food because allergies. Every item is $10-15 and is a workout to haul in your cart, car and pantry. I make a trip quarterly for toilet paper and other items Amazon is still more expensive for, but we barely make our membership dollars back in savings.

20 Reasons You Skipped The Gym Today This is my life. Every.single.day. Despite the cheap childcare at the gym, I frequently don’t make it. For the most part, I have accepted 3ish days a week at the gym as good, for now. I am on my feet doing physical work all day long already, versus my desk job days. The gym rarely energizes me if I am already tired and frequently a tough workout will wipe me out for a couple days.



My Christmas Cactus is blooming!! My dad gave me the cactus when Leonora was born and it is still alive! I have a black thumb and even the house orchid, African violet and bamboo plants have died. I kept them alive (barely) for years, but the plants were casualties of the newborn haze. Who can remember to water plants when getting 12 bottles/day into the dishwasher, washed, air dried and reassembled is critical!

Seattle Hits New Cost of Living High This week it was announced that “the city of Seattle ranks in the top 10 for a slew of goods and services: bread, sugar, cooking oil, telephone service, gasoline, dental visits, wine, frozen corn – even tennis balls.” So if Seattle feels much more expensive than 1, 5 or 10 years ago, it is not just you, it is! On Thursday I paid nearly $6 for a tall soy latte and that is has been the consistent price lately. I can’t help remembering paying exactly $2.19 for a Starbucks grande Americano 10-12 years ago, while in college. But back then I was making almost double the minimum wage, earning $12/hour at a full-time office job!

Elite School Shifting to Homeschool Model This article is from 2012, but I found it interesting that a very elite private school is trying to replicate the homeschooling experience.


Fresh gluten-free bread! I finally had time to make homemade bread after 2-3 months. I made one of my favorite recipes, Hearty Country Flax Bread, from America’s Test Kitchen. I love their two “How Can It Be Gluten Free” cookbooks and most of my baking and bread recipes come from the books. Homemade bread is so much better than store-bought!

Now it is your turn:

  • What are your favorite non-political news or articles of the week?
  • Do you have any reactions to the articles I shared?
  • Any new products or recipes that you are loving?

Please share in the comments or on my Facebook or Instagram pages!

4 thoughts on “Favorite Finds 2

  1. Not that I’m glad you had a week of Mondays, but I did too! I’ve been enjoying your posts. I had three goals this week: try curbside pickup at the grocery store, finish sewing some quilted pillows & do some yoga. Small wins are everything& little bits of progress are worth it. Enjoy your weekend away.

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    1. I’m glad that you have been enjoying it! We use the quilt to made for Leonora everyday! It is our living room blanket and we snuggle with her lots there. 😚


  2. I understand your feelings about Costco, but I disagree. I think that when you live in an urban area it is easy to rely on things such as Amazon and online ordering for everything. But when you live somewhere more remote, or less urban, it just isn’t as convenient. When deliveries are either expensive or take more time to arrive than two days (such as it does in most non-urban places), going to Costco is a lot easier and much faster. And while things may be more expensive because you are buying in larger quantities, it still doesn’t change the fact that the groceries are cheaper. If you have the room to store three pounds of sausage or freeze an extra loaf of bread, it will save you a considerable amount of money. What people don’t realize about Costco is that where you save the most money is not on food, it is on the toothbrushes, shampoo, tampons, bedding, cookware, and clothing items that people forget are present at Costco. People often forget the benefits of going to a store and checking out what they have there and instead will pay a higher price just to have it delivered so they don’t have to leave their house. In my personal opinion it has to do less with the costs being higher and more to do with Millenials having smaller families, less storage space in their homes, and the ability to phone Uber eats for their meals instead of cooking.

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    1. Those are good points. Shipping is really fast in the Seattle area. I only buy non-perishable goods at Costco, but most people aren’t allergic to most of the store either.


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