Favorite Finds 1

Time for the first post in a series that I hope to continue weekly or so – Favorite Finds. I summarize and link to my favorite non-political articles, products and recipes of the week or two.


Spicy Black Bean Soup: I made this soup for dinner again last night and it is delicious. I cooked up some ground chicken to add on top, but the topping options are vast. I have a slight obsession with Cookie & Kate and adore all of her recipes that I try. Her cookbook is also amazing. I’m convinced Kate and I would be instant BFFs, if we ever met in real life.

Adulthood now begins at 24say scientists. This disheartening new study proposes further extending adolescence as young people delay work, marriage and families. If this trend continues, will 35 or 40 eventually be the beginning of adulthood?

Homeschooling could be the smartest way to teach kids in the 21st century: This new article on homeschooling is from Business Insider. According to the article, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are fans of personalized learning plans, which is the core value proposition of homeschooling.

With the added advantage of allowing students to focus on their own interests, it is no surprise that 67% of homeschoolers graduate from college (2009 study in article). Only 59% of public-school students and 51% of private-school students graduate college. This is one of the strongest cases for homeschooling in my opinion – even if you are an “average homeschooler”, the education received will be superior to the average public or private school education.

Teaching kids reason raises test scores: In a Dialogic Teaching Program,, students “learn to narrate, explain, analyze, speculate, imagine, explore, evaluate, argue, and justify. They learn to ask questions of their own.” I am planning to research this method more. I would love to find or build a math/science curriculum for Leonora based on these principles.


Speed Up Tight Full-On Luxtreme 28″I bought a pair of these Navy Lululemon pants a couple of months ago and love them. I used my Christmas gift money to buy a pair in black, that are currently on their way. While expensive, I completely adore the quality and fit of Lululemon. A couple items that I bought 7+ years ago and wash weekly are only now starting to show some wear and tear.

Why Singapore’s kids are so good at mathsSignapore Math is another subject that I am currently researching. It is based on the theory that “people learn in three stages: by using real objects, then pictures, and then through symbols”. This theory was influenced by Jerome Bruner, an American educational psychologist.

I particularly like the philosophy of mathematics in Singapore, which is not knowing everything at a shallow level, but learning to “think like a mathematician”. The reverence of diligence over talent is also an improvement over US mathematics education.


Swedish Ballard MidwivesI was at Swedish Ballard this week and saw multiple of these congratulations posters! If anyone in the Seattle area is looking for fabulous midwives, I highly recommend them. I most likely would have had a c-section when Leonora was born with an OB/GYN, but I was never pressured to have one even after being in labor for 63 hours. I never breastfed for medical reasons and despite being in the 2% for their practice, the midwives went out of their way to make sure I *didn’t* feel negative or excluded for making the decision I did.

Redefine being a SAHM on your *own* termsA few tips on SAHM life from the author of, From Boardroom to Baby. I sent a sample of the book to my Kindle and will consider reading the full book sometime. Determining and focusing on long-term goals as well as leaving time for myself, for working out and writing, are the tips that I have found most helpful in the last year.

Now it is your turn:

  • What are your favorite non-political news or articles of the week?
  • Do you have any reactions to the articles I shared?
  • Any new products or recipes that you are loving?

Please share in the comments or on my Facebook or Instagram pages!

3 thoughts on “Favorite Finds 1

  1. Thanks for the homeschooling article and the unfortunate one on not having to grow up until 24. The homeschool one just proved to me why we are so awesome! 🙂 I will have to try the black bean soup recipe when I get to Charleston. There is nothing like a good one of those and judging by Leonora’s face it was pretty tasty.

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