15 Months Old {Leonora}

On Friday, our not-so-little-anymore Leonora turned 15 months old. She is definitely not a baby any longer and is quickly becoming more “little girl” than even a toddler.

I attempted a photo in the nursery rocking chair, as I did with her 1-12 month photos. The photo shoot didn’t go well, but the outtakes illustrate life now perfectly.

Sit in a chair? Nooooo! How could you make me do this, Mama!?
Oh, I have a book… I LOVE books! Hmm…
Wait… I can’t let Mama win this one. I will read my book OFF the chair. That will show her.

Needless to say, I’m not excited for the terrible twos, threes, & 13s with this one.

Thirty seconds before the failed photo shoot attempt, Leonora was of course very happy reading books on her own!


OK… onto a snapshot of Leonora’s likes and dislikes currently.

Leonora Now {15 Months Old}

Size – 29 pounds and unsure how tall, but likely still in the 90-95th percentile range. I have ordered more 3T clothes as only 2T pants fit well now.

Personality – Adventurous, crazy active, and happy whenever we haven’t been battling colds/flu/teething. 14 months brought another round of extreme separation anxiety and now rarely plays alone or is far from me.

Favorite Foods – Black olives, pretzel sticks, berries, cheese (she prefers the fancy stuff that she gets as grocery store samples), hummus, peanut butter and beans.

Current Challenges – Weaning L off of bottles, high-pitch screams when not getting her way, separation anxiety, and short naps/night wake ups from teething. Surviving a horrible cold/flu season with a toddler to only recently stopped putting everything in her mouth.

Teeth – 11 at 15 months, up from 7 at 12 months old. The last molar and 4 canine teeth seem close to the surface now as well.

Favorite Books – Anything Dr. Suess and that has dogs in it. This week L has done very well with paper books, so I allow her to read them on her own.

Cute Things I’ll Miss –

  • Getting L up in the morning and her “Mama, Mama, Mama”s.
  • The open-mouthed, slobbery kisses are becoming a scarcity as L is getting better at puckering for kisses.
  • The dozen of blown kisses to me every time she leaves with daddy somewhere.
  • The way she says, “ahhhh” and “ooohhh”, and completely lights up whenever she sees a dog. She also opens her mouth in front of every dog’s face trying to convince it to lick her.

New Things Learned- How to climb into her Little Tikes car, how to read long paper books, how to put duplos together and a couple new words every day.

Sleep –  Transitioned to 1 nap at 12 months old. The length is variable, but when she isn’t teething or sick it is 2 hours long. Teething and sickness have made night sleep less than stellar as well.

Favorite Activities – Reading books, playing at the park, riding her trike, the gym childcare, and the children’s museum. Not a fan of story time, toddler gyms, or anything with really loud kids for long periods of time.

Onward to 18 months old! I plan to re-attempt a rocking chair photo shoot then. And because looking back at photos made me nostalgic, here is L at 3 months old. Back then L was into her exersaucer, Bumbo, laughing and sitting up in her stroller. The days are so very long, but the years are short.


One thought on “15 Months Old {Leonora}

  1. She is starting to look more and more like you. I like the first crying picture, it’s like you are torturing her by making her sit without you. I think with all the reading and building she is going to be an Engineer


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