A Day in the Life {14 Months}

Tomorrow Leonora is 15 months old. Time flies. Before we transition to the second quarter of her second year of life, I wanted to document a day in the life. No day is the same ever, but roughly these are our days for the last month. I wish I had documented days in the life since L was born, but one must start somewhere, right?

12:15AM Crying – L wakes up screaming after I have had a solid 60 minutes of sleep. Teething is rough. So far 3 molars and the 8th front tooth have cut through this month! I fix a bottle of milk and we do the diaper change, pants change, singing and rocking routine as she drinks a few ounces of milk. L was very upset and hungry so it takes almost 30 minutes for her to get back into her crib and drifting off.

6:15AM Wake Up – L wakes up again. With her track record this week, she is probably up for the day but hope springs eternal. I had a crummy night of sleep thanks to the long 12AM wake up. It is pitch-black outside because the Pacific Northwest in January is dark, wet misery. After a bottle, diaper change & some Tylenol for the teething, I leave the room telling L it is too early to get up. L wakes up in her crib for 20-30 minutes and I try to doze for a few minutes. By 7AM Leonora is up for the morning.

7AM Early Morning – L and I say good morning to Daddy, but L is uninterested now. She wants Mama. While Dan gets ready for the day, L plays and we read books. The current favorite books are Robert the Rose Horse and Go, Dog, Go. We read them over and over and over again. I clean up the kitchen while L eats a snack of apple slices, cheerios and pretzel sticks.

Ready to read “Robert the Rose Horse”. Wake up, Mama!

8:15AM Getting ReadyDan is ready for work and now L is ready for some Daddy-time! I managed to leave the nearly-full gallon of milk out on the counter during the 12AM wake up (mom fail), so Dan takes L on a walk to the grocery store for a milk and coffee run. The important things in life! I am a tea drinker and rarely drink coffee, but this month of teething is getting to me.

I run out a couple loads of garbage, tidy a few things up and quickly shower and get dressed without Leonora! What a treat! Our normal routine is for L to watch a few minutes of “Little Baby Bum” on my Kindle while I shower. This is her only “scheduled” TV time. Mom life requires many sacrifices, but daily showers is not one I’m willing to make.

8:35AM Breakfast – Dan drops off the toddler and coffee then leaves to catch the bus to work. Leonora is really hungry now… trips to the grocery store have that effect on me too. L eats 2 heaping tablespoons of hummus straight off the spoon, more cheerios, a couple handfuls of blueberries, and a thick slice of cheese. I have no idea where the girl puts all the food sometimes. While L is eating, I write a grocery list, make myself an egg sandwich to eat later and cut strawberries for L’s snack later. When L is done, we brush teeth and I finish getting us both ready for the day. I work on planning some events and play dates in the magical 10 minutes that L plays alone.

Ready to eat!

10:00AM Play Date – Right as the Dr office decides to return my call and L is screaming because she thinks Grandpa is on the phone, friends arrive for a play date! We walk and Leonora rides her beloved tricycle over to Discovery Park.

The tricycle

After lots of toddler parallel playing, snacks, breakfast for me and mama chats at the park, we head back to our house. The kiddos keep on playing until at noon L is ready for a nap. L downs a full bottle of milk, snuggles into her sleep sack, cuddles with her blanket corner and is asleep within 2 minutes of me leaving her room. Park success! The play date continues while L sleeps until friends have to leave. It is so nice to see some mama & toddler friends once or twice a week!


12:30PM Nap Time – After friends leave, I browse through my Zulily app and buy a couple of things for L. Next I work on this blog and blog post while making/eating lunch.

2:00PM Gym Time – Leonora is awake at 2PM after a 2 hour nap! Hooray! So far the long park days are helping lengthen her naps despite all the teething. I quickly pack tons of snacks for L, get her ready and get partially dressed in workout gear. We drive to the gym and I drop L off at the gym childcare.

Gym time!

I was a little late getting to the gym and short on time, so decided to do a cardio day. I usually do circuits/weight lifting, but I very rarely *feel* like cardio that I go for it. 35 minutes on the treadmill doing high intensity intervals (HIIT). 20 intervals of 60 seconds long with a 30 second break in between (:60sec/:30sec). 3.5 miles run and 415 calories by the treadmill count.

Pre-workout. I looked as red as a lobster post-workout.

I change back into partial street clothes then I pick L up from childcare. Leonora’s reaction is amazing. She is in the play structure when she sees me, so I quickly get to the bottom of the slide and she slides right into a hug! She acts as if it has been days and not 45 minutes since she last saw me. There are a few advantages to chronic separation anxiety. We get her hands washed, diaper changed and head to the car.

I’m free!!!

4PM Grocery Shopping – We drive to Fred Meyer for our weekly big grocery store haul and storage containers because I’m organizing our downstairs. L is holding her toy duck in the cart. She started saying “Duckie” today and it is adorable. “Diaper” is another new word today. I don’t keep track of her word count, but she is starting to speak far more lately. Sign language and gestures are still preferred, however.


We packed our large cart full of storage containers and groceries. L was snacking on a bag of pretzel sticks. She ate one half and then offered me the second half – before sticking the second half in my mouth. This repeated a couple dozen times as we shopped. I praised her sharing skills and it was completely adorable all around.

L did great throughout the whole hour-long trip until we were going through self checkout and the assistance lady kept trying to play/entertain her. Strange lady got far too close to Leonora, created a meltdown, and then came back to entertain/terrorize some more. Sigh. When I let Leonora out of the cart, she grabbed a small bag of Cheetos and set them with our stuff in the checkout area. Nice try kid, but no.

5:15PM Early Evening – We finally get home and L sits in her crib for a few minutes of “quiet time” reading books while I unload the car. L plays while I unpack groceries, start laundry and get some crispy baked tofu cooking for dinner. By 6PM the several hours without a Tylenol are evident and Leonora is in full meltdown mode. Even Little Baby Bum on Netflix isn’t helping, so it is a bottle of milk off schedule, medicine, Mama hugs and TV time for 30 minutes until daddy gets home at 7PM.

After Dan gets 10 minutes to de-stress on his phone, L gets yet another trike walk for 15 minutes around the neighborhood with dada. I assemble a large salad, add the delicious when cold crispy tofu, and start working on this blog post.


After the short walk, L eats a little more food with dada and then takes a long bath time around 8PM. By 8:30PM, it is time for kisses, rocking with dada, and a book. Leonora is sound asleep within 5 minutes. It has been a busy day and hopefully she will sleep all night!



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