A New Beginning

Nearly 2 years after starting this blog, I am writing the second post. I plan to be more consistent going forward, but it will be hard to be worse!

When I first started this blog, I planned on writing about my workouts and new recipes…then I got pregnant. That was exciting, but with severe morning sickness and intentions to keep the pregnancy secret from even family until after 10 weeks, no more blogging occurred. After the good news was revealed to family and friends, I was still suffering from “morning” sickness and energy was non-existent.

In October 2016, our first child Leonora (Le-ah-nor-a) was born and life became more fulfilling and more complicated immediately. Motherhood was quite an adjustment. I was left wondering why I took so many worthless college classes when a class on “getting your baby to sleep” and “become a naptime pro” would have been far more useful.

I hope to document the adventures of our little family, daily life happenings that would be forgotten otherwise and write about various books, articles and yes, recipes that occupy my brain. In a year of full-time motherhood, I have learned that Mama needs plenty of recharge time to be happy, sane, and effective at parenting. Here’s to sharing some of my thoughts with friends far and near.

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